Outbound Call Center Services

One of the most critical elements in your marketing plan

When something is printed it has to go somewhere. Fulfillment is the area that gets literature to its destination. When orders occur this is the mechanism required for shipping. When a request for information is initiated this is the function that gets your message to the market.

Your sales force will have a reliable resource to process literature requests. We can drop ship to your representatives, or mail directly to your customers and prospects.

Our Services Include:
  • Order Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Call Center & Customer Care Support
  • Real-time Inventory Management
  • Warehousing
  • Custom Pick/Pack/Ship
  • Returns Processing
  • Reporting
Your Benefits Include:
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Increased Total Revenue and Product Profits
  • Reduced Operating Costs with Increased Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Valuable Real- time Account Management and Marketing Data
  • Extended Options for Order Cut-off Times -Faster Delivery /li>
  • Improved Cost Structure and Models
  • Increase order accuracy -- reduce cost of returns

We work on your behalf to reduce your internal distribution issues, manage daily throughput, recommend cost saving solutions and also keep you informed of your complete distribution status including:

  • Inventory forecasts and recommendations
  • Inventory status
  • Order processing and delivery performance
  • Order status, including:
    • orders shipped
    • shipping times
    • package destinations
    • package tracking numbers
    • the name of the person who signed for each delivery

Let APPSTAR TECHNOSOFT. support your direct marketing program with prompt and professional fulfillment services. We provide hands-on management from the moment the initial response is received until every request is filled or satisfied.

As each fulfillment order is carefully assembled, among our top priorities are efficiency, confidentiality and product security.

With our computerized warehousing system, we can receive and properly store your literature, sample products and premiums.

Fulfilment requirements vary significantly company to company. Contact us to see how we can assist you putting the puzzle pieces together.

KPIs for outbound call center operations, sales and marketing.
  • Contacts per hour - Average number of customers a call center agent was able to contact within an hour.
  • Leads Conversion Rate - The percentage of leads that actually converted to sales.
  • Hourly Sales - The average amount of sales the call center representative was able to close in an hour.
  • Daily Sales - The average value of sales the agent was able to close in a day.
  • Accuracy

Outbound Call Center services pertain to activities where agents place calls to potential customers with the intention of selling products or services to the individual.

1. Sales, cross sells and up sells

Cross selling is the practice of suggesting related products or services to your customer who is making a purchase. Up selling is a sales technique whereby your customers are persuaded (at the point of sale) to add to their order an item they did not originally intend to purchase, or to order an upgrade.

Cross selling and up selling can drastically increase the revenues of a business.

2. Lead Generation / Completion

Lead Generation refers to the creation or generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into your products or services. It is associated with a marketing activity targeted at generating sales opportunities for your company's sales force.

3. Appointment Setting

An extremely effective marketing tool for mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, contractors, and service oriented businesses.

4. Surveys

A tool utilized by social scientists, marketing researchers, pollsters, and statisticians, surveys establish the numbers and proportions involving your products, and measures public opinion on new products or services.

5.Market Research

The process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data about your customers, your competitors and your product's niche. Market research is essential for creating most business plans, launching new products and services, fine tuning existing ones, expanding into new markets, etc.